VERY IMPORTANT:I am a neutral training entity and provide programs for individauls, small groups, clubs, and teams looking for additional training. I encourage players to play for their local recreational and competitive teams. This is advanced supplemental training. Not to be confused with a USYSA competitive program. Players are encouraged to participate in this program either concurrent with their USYSA team season, afterwards, or when their schedule permits. It is not a requirement or mandatory to play USYSA, but encouraged for additional gameplay and field experience. Obviously, more dedicated participants will receive the most growth and experience from the trainings. From this program, let it be known that collegiate, regional and national players are fostered.

Training Policies:
1. You and your Trainer have agreed to personal training sessions based on a specific schedule agreed upon by both parties.

2. Please be ready to begin each session at your scheduled appointment time. If you, the Client, do arrive late, the training session will not be extended.

3. Should you, the Client, wish to reschedule an appointment, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Should the Trainer be unable to find an alternative time slot, and the request is placed less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, you the Client, will be charged for the appointment.

4. A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required, should you, the Client, wish to cancel a training session

5. Elite Soccer Training request that a 7-day advance notice be given for your (the Client’s) vacation or absences during the term of the training contract.

6. Unless otherwise agreed upon, all packages will expire 6 months from the point of sale.